Export to StochKit (pysb.export.stochkit)

Module containing a class to return the StochKit XML equivalent of a model

Contains code based on the gillespy <https://github.com/JohnAbel/gillespy> library with permission from author Brian Drawert.

For information on how to use the model exporters, see the documentation for pysb.export.

class pysb.export.stochkit.StochKitExporter(model, docstring=None)[source]

A class for returning the Kappa for a given PySB model.

Inherits from pysb.export.Exporter, which implements basic functionality for all exporters.

export(initials=None, param_values=None)[source]

Generate the corresponding StochKit2 XML for a PySB model

initialslist of numbers

List of initial species concentrations overrides (must be same length as model.species). If None, the concentrations from the model are used.


List of parameter value overrides (must be same length as model.parameters). If None, the parameter values from the model are used.


The model in StochKit2 XML format