Set/get paths for external tools (pysb.pathfinder)


Gets the currently active path to an external executable

The path will be determined automatically if not set (see return value). To override, call set_path().

prog_name: str

The PySB internal program name for an executable (run list_programs() for a list).

The currently active path to an external executable. If the path hasn’t
previously been set, the relevant environment variable for that
program’s path will be searched. Failing that, a list of default paths
for the operating system will be checked. An Exception is raised if none
of these approaches works.

Return the list of available external programs as a dictionary

A dictionary containing the internal program name (key) and the
human-readable name and environment variable (value) to adjust the path
for that program.
pysb.pathfinder.set_path(prog_name, full_path)[source]

Sets the full path to an external executable at runtime

External program paths can also be adjusted by environment variable prior to first use; run list_programs() for a list of programs.

prog_name: str

The internal program name for an executable. (see list_programs())

full_path: str

The full path to the external executable or its enclosing directory. If the path is a directory, it will be searched for the executable. A ValueError will be raised if there’s an issue with the path (not found, permissions etc.).